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#41 - Bad Humor


Author's Notes:

Actually, I think many of us (myself included, at the very least) would prefer these to the ones they actually put on the popsicle sticks...

UPDATE: I have since been informed (by myself) that Good Humor isn't the brand with the jokes on it. Now I'm not sure which one is - it might be Popsicle. Also, I don't care. It's still a good comic.

Ok, so my handwriting is a bit messy sometimes so I suppose it's possible you might not be able to read some of these. So, if you really need it, here are the text transcripts of the jokes written on the deformed, short, stumpy popsicle sticks in the comic:

Q: What do lawyers do on Sunday? A: YOUR MOM

Q: How many dead babies does it take to screw in a lightbulb? A: We're being sued by the Humane Society!

Q: Nobody loves you. (It's not a joke)

Q: What did the tired joke writer put on the popsicle stick? A: Give me more pay, or I'll poison the ice cream damn it

Q: Do you like... Mudkips?

Q: Is there going to be anything funny down here, instead of just literal transcripts from the comic? A: No! Unless you think this question is funny. Then I feel so sorry for you.

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