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#1 - Booty Div

actually i don't even get trinkets anymore

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too true.

Dude thats sooo NOT realistic!! I NEVER get that much poe from the divvy!! :D:D lol seriously, well done mate

LOL, yes, very true! Love the transition of the jobber's face too... Poor guy XD!

LOL!!! and after so many hours of puzzling and fighting with goons!!!!!
/me claps

That never happened to me...since I start being a liar...LOL
Good work !!!

Hum hum... the starfish is usually blue, on the face, and then... no poes at all ! =)


Too Funny , Keep the good art work! :)

sad, but true. lol. nice comic. :)

And that's why we vote on the booty div

(Prizes are still randomly distributed! -PMega)

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